Hello, I’m Katya Kovalenko, Barcelona based art director, consultant and left-brained graphic designer. With over 6 years of experience, I help businesses identify their long-term and short-term goals and develop them into a cohesive brand and content strategy.


I work both directly with a client and collaborating with agencies to offer:

  • Build powerful identities that express each company’s values and connects it to their customers
  • Create a digital content strategy that will help to build a strong community around the brand
  • Develop intuitive, user-centric interfaces that engage and communicate clearly on all devices
  • Perform a thoughtful audit of existing content in order to present it in more logical and organized way

A fter years of working in agencies I developed a different working dynamic. So instead of providing service to a client I like to collaborate with a company, be a part of the team that have same goals. I ask lots of questions, listen and learn all the details to finally come up together with a creative solution that fits their needs.

I’ve had the privilege of working with many great companies, such as: Nestle, Indra, Lindt, Mattel, La Caixa, among others.


Amateurs give advice. Experts diagnose.